A guide to managing growth during turnaround situations

Do you fully understand how to identify and manage revenue growth opportunities and initiatives quickly for distressed situations?

Value of sales & marketing due diligence for turnaround situations

In early October, CappcoPartners’ founding partner Mark Cappell delivered an IFT (Institute For Turnaround) workshop on the best practices for implementing sales and marketing growth strategies during turnaround situations.

As a result of the many requests he received, Mark is now giving you the opportunity to download his IFT workshop presentation.

The presentation includes:

  • How to assess the company and its team.
  • A breakdown of performance improvement services.
  • Turnaround strategies.
  • Short-term revenue generation.
  • Short and medium term exit planning.
  • Long term change management.
  • Methodologies and tools.
  • Value based selling.
  • Growth assessment model.
  • Pipeline assessment model.

If you have any further questions about how to understand sales and marketing operational issues, together with how to execute strategies to successfully grow and increase enterprise value, then please do get in touch.

About CappcoPartners – Founded in 2009 to provide sales and marketing services to private equity and venture capital backed companies who are struggling to meet their growth plans. We are staffed with experienced professionals who have successfully implemented change for small and mid sized firms across all major industries. Since 2009 CappcoPartners has successfully increased revenue by £75m for our clients and have added £300m in Enterprise Value to their investors.