CappcoPartners Successes

Since 2009 CappcoPartners have:

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  • We have generated £75m in additional revenue for our clients
  • Completed 18 operational due diligence assignments in the last 12 months
  • Managed 8 turnaround situations where the value at exit was increased by a total of £300m
  • Managed the repositioning of 6 companies with the development and launch of new products and solutions
  • Our training practice has trained over 300 sales people
Due Diligence
We retained Mark Cappell at CappcoPartners to assist in evaluating a financial technology opportunity. His industry insight along with experience in due diligence and implementing sales process was helpful in understanding the growth potential of the firm we evaluated.”
- Giles Derry Partner - Dunedin
We have worked with CappcoPartners on several occasions and recently retained them to perform a combined commercial and operational due diligence assessment on an investment we made. Their insight was invaluable both to ourselves as investors as well as for the management team who used the information to develop their operational plan post investment.”
- James Livingston Investment Director - Foresight Group
As part of our due diligence process we believe it is crucial to access the sales and marketing capabilities of any of our potential acquisitions. We have worked with CappcoPartners on numerous occasions and feel that their extensive sales and marketing expertise compliments our due diligence process.”
- Martin Wygas Investment Director - Lyceum Capital Partners
CappcoPartners is a key due diligence partner and they recently assisted  in the due diligence and creation of the 100 day plan for a new investment. Their assessment model was essential in identifying the key areas of focus post acquisition and their ability to work with the company’s management team ensured we had buy in for the necessary activities post deal. .”
- James Blake Managing Partner - Growth Capital Partners
We have worked with CappcoPartners on multiple due diligence projects. They have consistently delivered excellent insight into the sales processes and pipeline of our investments which has benefited both ourselves and the target company. As a result, we now undertake detailed sales and marketing assessments on all our potential investments.”
- Bernard Dale Partner - Connection Capital
We retained CappcoPartners to perform due diligence on a potential investment. Their growth assessment model gave us a clear and measurable understanding of the potential execution issues we may face as well as a clear plan on increasing the sales capabilities in the company’s future.”
- Nick Jordan Partner - Darwin Private Equity
We engaged CappcoPartners to assist in the due diligence of a potential investment. The key attributes for the investment were growth oriented so their ability to assess the sales and marketing capabilities were an important aspect in our decision to proceed. Their assessment was invaluable in our future operational planning for the company .”
- Chris Campbell Investment Director - Rcapital
ECI have worked with CappcoPartners on a number of occasions, most recently engaging them in sales due diligence on a new acquisition opportunity. Their work helped us gain more insight into the opportunities within the pipeline and form a view as to the deliverable deals that we could budget against. Having an experienced sales director alongside us was a real advantage.”
- Lewis Bantin Partner - ECI Partners
We worked with CappcoPartners on a potential acquisition and were impressed by their ability to quickly measure and evaluate the growth potential of the opportunity. This allowed us to better understand the risks involved and was a factor in our valuation calculation.”
- Peter Ralph Partner - Spring Ventures
We engaged with CappcoPartners to assist in the due diligence of a potential acquisition and were impressed by their industry knowledge and the methodical framework in which they analyse potential acquisitions. This was the 3rd time we have worked with them and their insight into the growth capabilities of the planned investments has been invaluable.”
- Jonathan Boyes Investment Director - HG Capital
We worked with Mark Cappell on a potential investment and decided not to proceed. His industry insight and experience in measuring growth businesses was crucial in our assessment of the company.”
- Tony Nash Investment Director - Lloyds Development Capital
FF&P Private Equity engaged CappcoPartners to perform due diligence on a potential investment’s sales and marketing operations. Their due diligence framework allowed us to rapidly gain valuable insights into the company’s ability to execute their business plan and the reliability of their forecasting methodology, and where potential issues may occur after the close date. We used the information as a springboard for discussion with the company and this was helpful in agreeing areas for improvement to be addressed in the first 100 days.”
- Llewellyn John Director - FF & P Private Equity
Sales Efficiency
We have worked with CappcoPartners on numerous occasions as their sales and marketing expertise and methodologies can be utilized across the various industries we invest in. They have been extremely helpful in solving growth issues within some of our portfolio companies.   “
- Ian Grant Partner - August Equity
We worked closely with Mark Cappell at CappcoPartners in the optimisation of our sales process. We appreciated his collaborative style and practical advice. Mark’s experience brought some fresh ideas and our improved process will allow the team to leverage best practices and ensure an accurate pipeline.”
- Chris Laslett CEO - Chaucer Consulting
We introduced CappcoPartners into a new investment and were very pleased with the help they provided the management team. The CappcoPartners team had significant sales and marketing experience and this was crucial in creating an achievable and accurate growth plan. “
- Greg Lockwood Partner - Piton Capital
We recently engaged CappcoPartners to assist us to access the sales and marketing capabilities of one of our portfolio companies. We found their assessment detailed and thought provoking, providing several areas of potentially significant benefit to work on.   “
- Dennis Hall Portfolio Director - Baird Capital
We recently received an investment from Carlyle and initially they were very frustrated with our lack of forecasting accuracy which was due to poor pipeline management. They appointed CappcoPartners to assist us and after two months our pipeline and sales processes were restructured. The forecasts are now accurate and the relationship with our investor is on better terms. “
- Nick Pike Sales Director - ITRS
We worked closely with CappcoPartners and were able to jointly create a clear sales process and more importantly we identified areas in our process we needed to improve. We were able to make the changes quickly and as a result have seen immediate measurable results.”
- Jacqui Crawley CEO - KMB
We utilised their experience in our investments and their assistance has been very well received by the portfolio companies. We are especially complimentary of their ability to assist our portfolio companies create consistent sales and lead generation processes. “
- Derek Elliott Partner - Darwin Private Equity
We retained CappcoPartners to analyse the sales and marketing functions for a new investment as we have worked with them before and value their in depth sales and marketing knowledge and experience. We found the assessment very informative and as a result found significant short term efficiency gains. “
- Sebastian Sipp Partner - Zimt Holdings
We referred CappcoPartners to one of our portfolio company’s in order to assist in the implementation of their sales process. They worked closely with the company and built a close relationship which was important in implementing the desired changes. We found that their experience in sales and marketing is important to our portfolio companies who focus on growth. “
- Simon Jobson Investment Director - Growth Capital Partners
We introduced CappcoPartners to one of our recent investments in order to help them with their growth strategy. Their knowledge of sales and lead generation processes greatly assisted our portfolio company and was a factor in their recent success. “
- Tony Dickin Partner - Palatine Private Equity
Turnaround and Restructuring
We were in the process of selling a subsidiary of one of our investments but needed to restructure the firm to demonstrate the growth potential of the plan. After 5 months the restructuring was complete and we successfully sold the subsidiary for £4m more than planned “
- Heath Davies CEO Sword Group
Due to consistent sales under-performance , our investor, Moonray Investments appointed CappcoPartners to assist us. We had a history of losing the majority of competitive deals and the deals we did win were at significant discounts (avg 75%). Now, 3 months after the implementation of the value selling process was put in place, the avg discount is now 12% and we have won 65% of competitive deals. “
- Richard Irons CFO - Romax Technologies
As a new software firm we needed significant help in structuring the sales and marketing processes in order to gain additional investment. After 3months we were able to secure £28m in new funding even though we were still loss making. The fact that our sales processes were well structured was an important reason the investor had confidence in our ability to deliver the growth plan “
- Tim Lyons Chairman and CEO PensionsFirst

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