Sales Team Effectiveness

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We have created a unique sales and marketing assessment framework, which utilises our expertise in assessing the skills and capabilities of the sales and marketing teams and individuals.  Our analysis and recommendations provides investors and executive teams with insight into how to enhance value of both people and processes.


We evaluate each salesperson based on the following criteria:

  • Objection handling
  • Solution selling
  • Negotiation skills
  • Presentation skills
  • Effective questioning


The report by ``Aberdeen Group`` a Harte Hanks company, reveals the impact of sales process and skills training has had within top performing organisations, such as a 14.2% average year on year increase in revenue compared to a 3% decrease for other companies.

With experience in training over 52 firms in 9 countries we offer a combination of bespoke and scheduled sales training courses focused on sales success. All our trainers are experienced sales people with a proven track record in assisting under-performing and inexperienced teams increase their sales skills. We deliver the following training courses:

Chris Allen

Chris manages the Cappco training practice and has over 30 years of sales and marketing experience and has delivered training programmes to over 200 companies such as London Stock Exchange, Microsoft, Oracle and Panasonic.

Account Management
A two-day training course is designed for those who need to manage long-term profitable relationships with clients. Participants learn the characteristics that make a good account management practice and differentiate between account management and account maintenance activities.
Selling for consultants
A two-day course consists workshop classroom training, coaching and is designed for consultants and/or business people who would like to gain better control over their sales. Sessions are highly proactive with the participants applying the techniques learned to specific sales situations. Role-plays and exercises are used to address each delegate individual needs.
Sales Management Mentoring
As part of the “Sales Performance Improvement” process the use of a consistent account and deal monitoring process and ensure the pipeline is accurate.
A two-day training course suited to people who need to negotiate high-value contracts and services were a good long-term relationship with the client is key. The aim of the course is for participants to sharpen their negotiation skills by learning a small number of memorable, but sound negotiation principles, through lecture and role-plays.
Solution Selling
A two-day sales performance improvement training course suited to companies that need to sell high-value software and services and where a number of people are often involved in the buying process.
Presentation Techniques
A one-day course ensures that participants gain the skills and confidence to deliver successful formal and informal presentations. Learning takes place through a combination of lecture group discussion and practical exercises.