Sales Process Implementation



We implement the “Value Based Sales” methodology during our engagements which is an approach that quantifies the value the solution delivers. This ensures the prospect understands and can measure the value they receive which allows the sales team to minimise discounting and increase differentiation. Download a detailed description of our Value Selling methodology – CappcoPartners Value Selling datasheet


Our research has shown that an average of 35% of salespeople exceed their targets however 92% of salespeople who follow a consistent sales process exceed their quota. CappcoPartners has created a document describing the benefits of a consistent sales process – Sales Process White Paper – CappcoPartners

In order to implement a consistent sales process based on the specific requirements of the target market the following areas must be analysed:

  • Deal analysis – won/lost and no decision deals
  • Validate the sales messages communicated to your prospects by the sales team
  • Validate the target market buying behaviour
  • Validate the competitive differentiators
  • Validate the quality of sales presentations


CappcoPartners have managed engagements which have increased revenue by £75m for our clients. See our success stories – Read More

Companies with a consistent sales process experience a 35% higher win rate on average than those who use a random process

Sales Team Effectiveness

Training of the sales team on how to manage the new buying stages and implement sales training courses such as solution selling, negotiation and presentation skills. – READ MORE

Lead Generation

We execute lead generation campaigns by optimising the website to enhance the SEO and Social Media content to ensure website interactions are monitored and managed.- Read More

Customer Research

Our Customer Value Proposition Workshop has been developed to precisely fill this gap so that businesses can develop their own compelling sales offer. – READ MORE

Sales and Brand Strategy

Our processes are designed to gain competitive advantage by working with you to identify, define and exploit your unique benefits and to create consistent differentiated messages.  – Read More