Operational Due Diligence

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Sales and Marketing Assessment


The operational due diligence process is a key activity in capital raising and M&A as it is the point where the potential for value creation and the purchase price is determined. Sales and marketing capabilities and processes is the most significant insight into the company’s potential for growth and ability to execute. Please review the services we provide – Investor Services Datasheet

We have combined the experience of strategy consulting and sales and marketing management into a framework which allows us to quickly perform the due diligence process and give the investor an accurate report with detailed actions and recommendations for improvements. We utilise our unique “Growth Assessment Model” which enables us to provide an accurate due diligence service quickly and cost effectively. – CappcoPartners Operational Due Diligence datasheet

Incorporating a sales and marketing assessment into the due diligence process and combined with commercial and operational due diligence will give investors a true 360 degree view of their potential investments ability to deliver their growth plan. We deliver a 100 day operational improvement plan as part of the due diligence report and work alongside the commercial due diligence provider as our process augments the information they complete and depending on the size of the company, this process usually takes between 5 and 10 days to complete. Due Diligence solutions


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Latest News

December 22nd – CappcoPartners assists Scottish Equity Partners by completing an operational and pipeline due diligence assessment for their new investment in Peppermint Technologies.

December 16th – CappcoPartners assists August Equity with investment in Wax Digital.

November 2nd – CappcoPartners advises Foresight Group in their £4m investment in Folkestone Fixing Ltd.

October 5th – CappcoPartners advises Lyceum Capital in the Total Mobile MBO.

September 18th – CappcoPartners assists Connection Capital with growth investment in Virtua UK.

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Since 2009 CappcoPartners has delivered revenue growth services which has generated in excess of £75m in additional revenue for our clients

Pipeline assessment

The analysis of comprehensive, specific and measurable information resulting from CappcoPartners systematic and fact based approach will:

  • Analyse why/how the firm has won and lost deals
  • Identify potential gaps and issues that may occur post acquisition
  • Uncover short term revenue opportunities missed by the management team
  • Identify short term performance improvements in the sales and marketing
  • Clarity of sales messages and competitive positioning

Growth Assessment Model
Our proprietary “Growth Assessment Model” assesses and measures the sales and marketing capabilities and gives detailed information relating to the target firms ability to deliver their growth plan. We define each of the below sections with a scoring system so that each area can be measured using an objective assessment.

      • Sales Strategy
      • Brand Awareness
      • Lead Generation
      • Sales Execution
      • Client Management

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CappcoPartners has been recognised by 2 prestigious industry publications for managing operational due diligence projects for the private equity industry. The awards were based on interviews with private equity executives and the large number of positive references.

We have extended our operational due diligence methodology to include more detailed areas of the sales and marketing process

Social media

The measurement of social media strategies and tactics is an important part of the assessment process as it measures the efficiency in which the company communicates their brand across all external networks.

Search optimisation

CappcoPartners provides strategic SEO content due diligence services that measure website content against industry best practice. The results lay the groundwork for producing smarter website content that drives more traffic and generates more qualified leads.

Sales team assessment

CappcoPartners have created a unique evaluation model to evaluate the capabilities of sales and marketing staff which is a combination of the already widely used “Growth Assessment Model” deployed by CappcoPartners and includes our extensive experience in assessing the capabilities of sales and marketing management and staff. Read More

Website and Branding

We review all aspects of the website to ensure the key messages are communicated and that the website is consistent with technological and branding best practice. Read More