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CappcoPartners works with the leading private equity firms assisting their portfolio company’s fine tune their sales and marketing processes and capabilities.  We have assembled an Exit Support Team with significant experience in sales and marketing processes and operations and we use tried and tested methodologies and tools to deliver success.

We help investors consummate deals with the maximum return by preparing for the capital raising and/or exit process by identifying operational issues which may be discovered during the vendor due diligence process.


Download the detailed description of our Exit Planning ProcessCappcoPartners Exit planning datasheet

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The exit process is the realisation of years of hard work and sacrifice. Companies who don't prepare tend to make far less than they expected or anticiated.


The potential growth rates are an important aspect of any valuation and the vendor will investigate, in detail how the company will execute their growth strategy. The sales and marketing capabilities and functions provide the most significant insight into the company’s potential for growth.

Our Exit Readiness Services include:

  • Detailed assessment of the firms sales and marketing processes, tools and capabilities using our proprietary “Growth Assessment Model”
  • Creation of a sales processes to demonstrate a consistent approach to selling and winning deals
  • Provide hands-on support for any changes to the sales and marketing collateral
  • Make changes to the pipeline to ensure accuracy where each sales stage is measurable
  • Ensure the sales CRM and marketing tools are implemented correctly and where appropriate make changes quickly.