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CappcoPartners grows revenue by 42% for a mid sized engineering firm

After 2 years of stagnating growth and consistently losing large deals to their main competitors, a Nottingham based engineering company hired the team to grow their revenue and reposition the company for growth.


The majority of change occurred in the first 3 months with the implementation of a value selling model and a sales CRM to ensure accurate pipelines and forecasts. As a result of the changes in the sales model the company grew by 42% over the previous year in the 2nd half of the year. In addition there was a need to reposition their solution and to change their development direction.

About CappcoPartners – CappcoPartners was formed in 2009 to provide turnaround services to private equity and venture capital backed firms who are struggling to meet their growth plans. We are staffed with experienced professionals who have successfully implemented change for small and mid-sized firms across all major industries. Each partner has a successful track record in implementing change with extensive experience in growing revenue. Since 2009 CappcoPartners has successfully grown revenue by £ 75m for our clients and added £300m in Enterprise Value to their investors.