• case study - trading technology

Project Description

CappcoPartners was retained for 8 months to manage the transformation from a US centric business into a global firm with a focus on solution selling. Their solution was based on order management software selling into the asset management industry.


As a Boston based software company, they were leaders in the US market however the firm was not successful in competing in Europe as their tools, processes and people were very US centric and did not take into account the uniqueness’s of the European market. As a result they were unsuccessful in competitive situations when they competed against EU domiciled firms.


  • The financial objective was to double revenue in 18 months
  • Implement a solution sales methodology which mirrored how the target market made decisions and allowed the sales team to differentiate themselves
  • Implement a CRM system to measure activities and pipeline
  • Create a marketing function with a focus on lead generation


  • Implemented a solution sales process which leveraged consulting to drive software sales.
  • Revenue increased by 120% in 8 months due to a dramatic increase in consultancy revenue
  • Increased the size of the consultancy group from 2 staff to 14
  • Launched a managed service
  • Successful in the majority of competitive situations due to enhanced sales process