• case study - private equity

Project Description


The company had a formal offer from a US fintech firm however during the due diligence many operational issues were found and the price was reduced by $26m. As a result the Investor fired the CEO and hired Cappco to implement a series of operational processes in preparation for the next due diligence process. Another firm was interested however the investors did not want to start another process until they were confident the operational processes were fixed.


  •  Create a pipeline methodology which accurately states the pipeline stages and create an accurate forecast which would pass a detailed due diligence from a trade buyer.
  •  Implement a consistent project delivery and take control of a series of high profile difficult engagements.
  •  Rebrand the company away from a managed service provider to a anti-fraud saas application.
  •  Move away from an outsourced testing vendor to another more capable firm based in Vietnam.


  • Launched the new positioning via the website.
  • Implemented PRINCE 2 implementation methodology and  took control of various problematic engagements.
  • Implemented a sales process which ensured an accurate pipeline and forecast.
  • Moved testing from Pune in India to Vietnam and implemented state of the art testing software.
  • Implemented software which tracks and controls commercial proposals.
  • The business was sold within 3 months and the buyer did not make any changes to the original bid.