• case study - insurance

Project Description


The company had developed a software application which accurately measured the potential liabilities for defined benefit pension schemes. They approached numerous private equity firms in order to gain additional investment to grow the company but were unsuccessful as they were an early stage company and did not have extensive operational expertise.


  • Created a compelling value proposition which would be attractive to potential investors
  • Hired a sales team and create a structured sales methodology
  • Implemented a sales CRM in order to demonstrate an accurate pipeline.
  • Created a Information Memorandum in order to present to investors
  • Implemented best practices in testing and development


  • The company successfully raised £ 28m after the 6 months engagement
  • In 3 months the Cappco team created consistent development and sales process and assisted their management team in understanding their unique differentiators.
  • Implemented salesforce.com and created a pipeline measurement process which was accurate in the forecasting of new deals
  • Hired and trained a new development and testing team and put in place Agile development methods
  • Hired a sales and marketing team and implemented a series of lead generation campaigns which increased the pipeline size