• case study - financial services

Project Description


The investor had an objective of transforming the company into a payment service provider from a money service company in order to increase the valuation ratio. Cappco was hired to create the new 3 year plan and to manage the sales and marketing teams to grow revenue during this transition. In addition the lead private investor required a large increase in revenue to meet the obligations from the agreed earn out.


  • Reposition the company as a Payment Service Provider in order to increase its valuation.
  • Grow revenue to meet the business plan
  • Put in place operational controls to ensure that the company met its regulatory obligations
  • Launch a series of new online payment products
  • Implement a new CRM system


  • Due to the revenue growth no additional shares were forfeited and the minority shareholder sold his shares and made an additional £ 12m from the previous valuation.
  • Revenue growth was achieved through significant new business
  • An external firm was used to qualify leads and create appointments for the sales teams which dramatically increased the size of the pipeline
  • We launched a series of new payment products in the first 3 months
  • Successfully repositioned the company