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CappcoPartners completes numerous operational due diligence assignments in Q1 as the requirement for sales and marketing process assessment for new investments grow.

Dealmakers today must use every tool at their disposal to improve their odds of a successful deal while at the same time avoiding bad acquisitions. That means placing the same importance on operational due diligence as on valuation, traditional due diligence and merger integration. It also calls for using operational due diligence to pinpoint initiatives that protect and create value after the acquisition. This shift to this next level of due diligence requires enhancing rather than replacing traditional due diligence activities.


The focus of the CappcoPartners operational due diligence process is to evaluate the growth capabilities of a potential investment by assessing the processes and operations of the sales and marketing departments. Our proprietary “Growth Assessment Model” assesses and measures the sales and marketing capabilities and gives detailed information relating to the target firms ability to deliver their growth plan. This information is also critical for the creation of the 100 day operational plan.

We are pleased to work with some of the most prestigious private equity firms over the last few months. Their support is a strong validation of the need and importance to assess a new investments sales and marketing processes in order to validate their growth plans and potential. Below is some of their comments:

“We retained CappcoPartners to perform operational due diligence on a potential acquisition. Their Growth Assessment Model gave us a clear and measurable understanding of the potential execution issues we may face as well as a clear plan on increasing the sales capabilities in the company’s future.” Nick Jordan Partner Darwin Private Equity

“We worked with CappcoPartners on a potential acquisition and were impressed by their ability to quickly measure and evaluate the growth potential of the opportunity. This allowed us to better understand the risks involved and was a factor in our valuation calculation.” Peter Ralph Partner Spring Ventures

“We engaged Mark Cappell from CappcoPartners to assist in evaluating a financial technology opportunity. His industry insight along with experience in due diligence and implementing sales process was helpful in understanding the growth potential of the firm we evaluated.” Giles Derry Partner Dunedin

“We engaged with CappcoPartners to manage the operational due diligence process for a potential acquisition and were impressed by their industry knowledge and the methodical framework in which they analyse potential acquisitions. This was the 3rd time we have worked with them and their insight into growth capabilities of the planned acquisitions has been invaluable.” Jonathan Boyes Investment Director HG Capital

We have also worked for Francisco Partners and FF&P evaluating potential investments during this time

About CappcoPartners – CappcoPartners was formed in 2009 to provide turnaround services to private equity and venture capital backed firms who are struggling to meet their growth plans. We are staffed with experienced professionals who have successfully implemented change for small and mid-sized firms across all major industries. Each partner has a successful track record in implementing change with extensive experience in growing revenue. Since 2009 CappcoPartners has successfully grown revenue by £75m for our clients and added £300m in Enterprise Value to their investors.