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CappcoPartners adds detailed social media assessment capability to our operational due diligence process by announcing a partnership with the leading social media marketing company in the UK

Social media has become a necessary part of most company’s marketing mix however this area is not widely understood and many companies don’t recognise the value it can make to their business. In order to ensure we provide the most accurate and comprehensive due diligence assessments CappcoPartners has partnered with Usable Media in order to assess in detail our clients social media capabilities and processes.

Value of Sales and Marketing Operational Due Diiligence


Usable Media have integrated their social media assessment process into the already widely used “Growth Assessment Model” deployed by CappcoPartners and includes their extensive experience in assessing social media deployment and community management. Given the potential social media can achieve in increasing growth, it is essential this process is assessed for potential acquisitions where growth is a key objective.

Approach and Methodology

CappcoPartners interviews the key members of the sales and marketing teams and creates an accurate assessment of their capabilities and processes. We use a systematic and fact based approach to assess the target firm’s current sales and marketing capabilities, processes, strategy and management. Approximately 300 data points will be examined and each will have a detailed explanation and a numerical rating based on the CappcoPartners “Growth Assessment Model” methodology. This Execution Capability Rating “ECR” is our proprietary approach based on a rating methodology which has been developed and fine-tuned over the last 3 years and after many successful engagements.

Usable media are long-established in working at the intersections of technology and digital culture and media. They have built and engaged online communities for companies such as MySpace, EMI, Virgin Records, Mars and Orange.

Together our specialist teams use our tried and tested methodologies and tool kit with a proven track record of delivering successful due diligence assignments. We have assembled a due diligence team with significant experience in sales and marketing process, operations and management which different us from traditional Strategy Consultants.

About CappcoPartners – CappcoPartners was formed in 2009 to provide turnaround services to private equity and venture capital backed firms who are struggling to meet their growth plans. We are staffed with experienced professionals who have successfully implemented change for small and mid-sized firms across all major industries. Each partner has a successful track record in implementing change with extensive experience in growing revenue. Since 2009 CappcoPartners has successfully grown revenue by £75m for our clients and added £300m in Enterprise Value to their investors.